We talk about the benefits of using unusual monsters in your campaign, and how to handle uncomfortable aspects of monsters without stripping away their identity. 

We are joined by Kappa Chris.

Chris is a professional performer, GM, voice actor, and personality in the TTRPG space. He is also one of the people behind Friends Who Roll Dice, the TTRPG group who are all about uplifting BIMPOC, LGBTQIA, Disabled, and other marginalized communities through actual play productions, product highlights, and charity events. He is also one of the hosts and producers for 2Bmovie Podcast. You can find him on Twitter @TheKappaChris for all of his upcoming projects.


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  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Capital City” by Stephane Lorello
  • “Investigations” by Kevin MacLeod

Kill Every Monster is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. In each episode, we are joined by a guest to discuss the lore, mechanics, and story potential of classic D&D creatures. We debate tactics for maximizing these creatures in your game, and we ask the ever-important question: are they really a monster?

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