What Is The Show About?

Kill Every Monster is a bi-weekly creature feature that takes a DM-deep-dive into every Monster in the Manual.

Why Monsters?

Dungeons & Dragons is many things to many people, but it was designed to be a game about killing monsters. In each episode, we examine the lore and mechanics of a new creature and ask a central question: are they really a monster?

Where Can I Listen?

You can listen to Kill Every Monster anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Where Can I Watch Live Premieres?

We premiere new episodes live on Sundays at 8pm EST on YouTube.

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What If I Have More Questions?

We want to hear it! Send your questions to us for a mailbag episode!

Who Are The Hosts?


Creator of Godsfall, co-producer of Kill Every Monster, and editor of Total Party Thrill


A physicist. From Canada.