What is Kill Every Monster?

Kill Every Monster is an award-winning Dungeons and Dragons podcast about every monster in the manual. Co-hosts Dylan and Aram are joined each episode by a guest for a deep dive into a classic D&D monster. The first part is a discussion, and the second is a one-shot actual play where our guest takes on the role of the monster.

Dungeons & Dragons is many things to many people, but at its heart lies a system that rewards players for killing monsters. In each episode we ask three central questions:

  • What is this creature?
  • Are they really a monster?
  • How would you change them in Dungeons and Dragons?

Season One includes 13 classic D&D monsters in episodes that range between 60 – 90 minutes.

Kill Every Monster is free and available anywhere you get your podcasts. The show is supported by our sponsors and listeners like you via Patreon where you can get ad-free versions of each episode a week early, and Patreon-exclusive bonus episodes like our DM Notes and and Cutting Room Floor series.

Will I Like Kill Every Monster?

The overall vibe of Kill Every Monster is funny, imaginative, and investigative. The conversation is driven by our hosts and guests alike, with producer Aram Vartian off in monster dreamland and physicist Dylan Malenfant trying to keep everything grounded.

In our AP (actual play) scenarios the monsters are voiced by our guests, and the tone varies depending on the creature. The Mind Flayer delved into suspense horror, while the Blink Dog episode was a comedic farce. Most of our APs encounters contain at least some fantasy violence, though a few had no combat at all.

Each episode of Kill Every Monster is a contained story, so you never have to worry about being caught up or listening out of order. Pick any monster you like and dive right in!

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Who Are The Hosts?


Aram Vartian is a producer, designer, photographer, and voice actor living in a quiet town off Lake Michigan. He is co-founder of Dead Ghost Productions, the co-host of the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Kill Every Monster, and the creator of Godsfall.


Dylan Malenfant is a physicist. From Canada! Dragged kicking and screaming into the world of podcasting, he is one of the co-founders of Dead Ghost Productions and a co-host and producer on Kill Every Monster. They have also been featured on other podcasts, such as Party of One, Unprepared Casters, and One Shot.


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