Twenty years ago, we played a game. We recorded that game and shared it over the airwaves of our high school radio station, WKEY AM 1360.

People listened. So did other things.

Twenty years later, we were invited to play a live reunion show for the hardcore fans. Little did we know, this time the game was real.

For our first Dead Ghost production, we are diving into Rowan, Rook and Decard’s fantasy horror game: DIE RPG.

In DIE RPG you play a group of real-world, deeply-flawed adults who are transported into a fantasy realm via a predatory, sinister roleplaying game. There, they’re transformed into Paragons and given strange and frightening powers. In this world, the players are confronted with their truest desires and deepest fears, and only they can decide when the game is over.

Players will take on the role of the show’s cast and supporters, creating Personas (the real-world person that each player—including the GM—plays) and Paragons (The six types of adventurers a Persona can be transformed into when they enter the world of Die).

  • Dictator: Fern (played by Jenn)
  • Fool: Rory (played by Haley)
  • Emotion Knight: Andrea (played by Alex)
  • Neo: Lukas (played by Kappa)
  • Godbinder: Deliria (played by Banana)
  • Master: Jacob (played by Aram)
  • Brancolonia: An all-italian medieval, roguish and picaresque setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time.
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