In this episode, we are joined by writer and gamemaster Michael Loving (who is also known as Captain Mel) and whose pronouns are he/him.

Michael is a professional voice actor, game master, writer, and editor for tabletop RPGs. He is a regular cast member on the D&D Actual Play Podcast “The League of Ultimate Questing” and an irregular guest star on Godsfall, when Aram bothers to make time for his friends. You can find him on Twitter at @OG_Captain_MEL.


  • “The Path of the Goblin King” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Ghost Dance” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Miris Magic Dance” by Kevin MacLeod
  • National Anthem of USSR
  • “Fiddles McGinty” by Kevin MacLeod

Kill Every Monster is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Each episode we are joined by a guest to discuss the lore, mechanics, and story potential of classic D&D creatures. We debate tactics for maximizing these creatures in your game, and we ask the ever-important question: are they really a monster?