For our first stab at audio DM’s Notes, Dylan and Aram talk about the choices they made in the Couatl episode.

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We are joined by Carlos Cisco.

Carlos—whose pronouns are he/him—is a newly minted narrative designer with work on the DMs guild, #iHunt, and in MCDM’s ARCADIA. Or it feels new because time got real elastic during those early days of the pandemic. His primary craft is television writing but unlike design work his ascent was not quite so propulsive, spending the past decade clawing his way up the ladder to find himself recently as a writer on Star Trek: Discovery. In the immortal and often maligned words of the Enterprise theme song “It’s been a long road, gettin’ from there to here…” He can be found most easily on Twitter at @carlos_cisco.

Carlos Cisco

He/Him. Former unaccompanied minor. Encyclopedia Irrelevantia. TV Writer (East Los High, Star Trek: Discovery). #TTRPG Designer #WGAStrong #UnionStrong WGA Capt

Bonus clip of Carlos talking about sci-fi in Dungeons and Dragons:


Star Trek Discovery writer Carlos Cisco talks Spelljammer, Planescape, and D&D in space #dndtiktok #queerdnd #startrek #startrekdiscovery

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We were also joined by Alejandro Torres

Alejandro—whose pronouns are he/him—is an archaeologist, DM, and writer from Chicago. He is writing his own Maya-themed world setting, and planning a podcast to discuss Mesoamerican representation and celebrate Latinx/Indigenous creators in the TTRPG space. He plays Milo the Halfling Fighter on the Adamo_AS and Morphos_XL Twitch channels every other Wednesday. He loves to chat about Maya archaeology, podcasting, and TTRPGs on Twitter at @Tonal_teka.

Alejandro Torres

Mayanist and Tabletop Enthusiast. MA in Anthropology from UIC, where I focused on Genetics, Kinship, Ethnicity, and Osteology among the Classic Maya.


  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Hurakan” by Ricardo Lozano (featuring Jorge Ramos)
  • “Discovery” by Scott Holmes
  • “Web Of Dreams” by Jorge Reyes
  • “Sazilakab” by Jorge Reyes
  • “See You Soon” by Borrtex
  • “Xibalba” by Ricardo Lozano (featuring Jorge Ramos)
  • “Kukulkan” by Ricardo Lozano (featuring Jorge Ramos)
  • “The Goddess Of The Eagles” by Jorge Reyes
  • “Dark  Times” by Kevin Macleod

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