Head over to patreon.com/killeverymonster for our DM’s Notes! This episode, we talk about using horror in D&D, how wonderful Jenn is, and then have a big fight about piranhas.

We are joined by Jenn de la Vega.

Jenn de la Vega is a community-oriented caterer and recipe developer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her most recent projects include Filipinx by Angela Dimayuga and Ligaya Mishan as well as One Piece: Pirate Recipes. Outside of the food industry, Jenn serves on the Board of Directors for The Tank and “Death by Audio” Arcade. She also voices Vivian Lakewood on the narrative-play Shadowrun podcast, Fun City. You might catch her as a guest player on Fortunate Horse and Slaydies ATL one-shots. You can find her on social https://twitter.com/Randwiches and on Twitch every Wednesday.


  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Capital City” by Stephane Lorello
  • “Drift” by Scott Holmes
  • “Cylinder Seven” by Chris Zabriskie
  • “Cylinder Two” by Chris Zabriskie
  • “Divertissement” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Cylinder Three” by Chris Zabriskie
  • “Darkness” by Borrtex
  • “Imminence” by Kai Engel

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