Dylan and Aram talk about using monsters outside of D&D in your games, and run through the Pokedex to see which Pokemon we might consider for another Kill Every Monster episode.

We are joined by Miki.

Miki Ljuljdurovic, also known online as xwater, is a Nintendo focused content creator in the gaming space. As a top player of video games made for children, he boasts some seriously impressive gaming achievements. Check him out on Twitch, YouTube, or any other main social media under xwater. 


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  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Capital City” by Stephane Lorello
  • “Heavy Rock” by Scott Holmes
  • “Lavender Town Theme” by Junichi Masuda
  • “Ghost Processional” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Kirblooey” by Windom Earle
  • “I Trusted You” by Lee Rosevere
  • “Grand Dark Waltz Trio Vivace” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Amazing  Plan” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “March of the Spoons” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Dark Walk” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Darkest Child” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Ascent” by Jon Luc Hefferman


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Kill Every Monster is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. In each episode, we are joined by a guest to discuss the lore, mechanics, and story potential of classic D&D creatures. We debate tactics for maximizing these creatures in your game, and we ask the ever-important question: are they really a monster?

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