The Monster Manual describes Kuo-toa as “fishlike humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world. Long ago humans and their ilk drove the kuo-toa underground, where they dwell in everlasting night. Kuo-toa can no longer abide daylight.”

We are joined by Jeremy Cobb.

Jeremy is an actor, writer, and podcast host whom you may know as the cohost and Resident GM of the show 3 Black Halflings! In addition to 3BH, Jeremy has appeared on Not Another D&D Podcast, Dicebreaker, Transplanar, and many more. He recently started a streaming channel,, in which he plays classic games for the first time, guided by his best friend Tay! You can find him on Twitter and Blue Sky @jeremycobb1 and on Instagram @thecobbmeister.


  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by 
  • “The Deepest Cave” by Farrell Wooten
  • “Defenders Unite” by Niklas Johansson
  • “Hecatomb” by Jo Wandrini
  • “Hieroglyphs” by Dream Cave
  • “The Hydrograph” by Power Druid
  • “Beneath the Church” by Jo Wandrini
  • “Chain of Events” by Michael Rothery
  • “Austere” by Enigmanic
  • “Splitting” by Farrell Wooten
  • “Saving the Day” by Erik Fernholm
  • “Shaman of Europe” by Joseph Beg
  • “Binaural Overlay” by Joseph Beg
  • “Shapeshifter” by Martin Klem
  • “Lady in Black” by Farrell Wooten
  • “You Are Not Alone” by Luella Gren
  • “Hot Air Balloons” by Erik Fernholm
  • “First Second” by Jay Varton
  • “Skylike” by Christophe Gorman

Jeremy Cobb

Actor/writer/director/Co-host & Resident GM for @3BlackHalflings/Co-host of @qreactorshow/DM here or email [email protected]/(he/him) IG: thecobbmeister

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