We are joined by Noordin Ali Kadir.

“Noordin, whose pronouns are he/him, is based out of Toronto and is a prolific tabletop game writer, performer and consultant. You may of read his words in Jiangshi, Blood on the Banquet Hall, Mnemonic: A Weaver’s Almanac, and the upcoming Into the Mother Lands. You may have seen him in Actual Play productions like GUDIYA, The Atomless, My First Dungeon’s Wildsea and many, many more. Find him online @WerewolfFeels because yes, he is an actual werewolf.”

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Noordin Ali Kadir

(He/Him) Performer. Writer. Game Designer. Award-Winner. Consultant. Also Brit-Can, Muslim, Queer and quite tired. contact email: [email protected]

Kill Every Monster is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. In each episode, we are joined by a guest to discuss the lore, mechanics, and story potential of classic D&D creatures. We debate tactics for maximizing these creatures in your game, and we ask the ever-important question: are they really a monster?

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