Dylan talks about divine punishments and the motivations of hell while Aram geeks out about Anthony Rapp

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In this episode, we are joined by Anthony Rapp.

Anthony is a lifelong geek and actor, who now has the great fortune of living his best geek and actor life by appearing as Commander Paul Stamets in Star Trek Discovery. He also has enjoyed a resurgence of DnD love, having played as a kid, but not again until the middle of 2020, thanks to COVID-mandated Zoom sessions. He can be found on Twitter at @albinokid.

Anthony Rapp

A pale actor/writer/singer/director/gamer on @StarTrekOnPPlus IG: albinokid1026 Cameo: cameo.com/antrapp Speaking inquiries: @collectivespkrs He/him


  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Capital City” by Stephane Lorello
  • “Touch the Darkness” by Kai Engel
  • “Darkest Child” by Kevin Macleod
  • “Going Undercover” by Borrtex
  • “The Show Must Be Go” by Kevin Macleod

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