We are joined by Emily Buza.  

Emily is an actress, writer, and podcaster. She is the co-host of Whelmed: The Young Justice Files, a deep dive podcast about discussing and analyzing the DC Comics animated series Young Justice. And she can also be heard as a guest on several audio dramas and actual play podcasts, often playing superheroes, women with magic, and ladies in space. She can be found on Twitter at @emilyofarden.

Emily Buza
Emily Buza

talks a lot about superheroes in love / writer—actor—storyteller / @theYJfiles co-host / fan of martian cheerleaders, elven ambassadors, and witchy vampires


  • “A Truly Powerful Force” by NC Music
  • “Capital City” by Stephane Lorello
  • “Elven Dirge – Mennai Um Vela Ata” by GoofParade
  • “Nu Flute” by Kevin MacLeod
  • “Water Lily” by Kevin Macleod
  • “Darkness” by Three Chain Links
  • “Marty Gots A Plan” by Kevin Macleod”

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