Shambling Mound (Part 1)

Shambling Mounds are described in the Monster Manual as creatures that “are sometimes called shamblers, trudging ponderously through bleak swamps, dismal marshes, and rain forests, consuming any organic matter in their path. These rotting heaps of animated vegetation loom up half again as tall as a human, tapering into a faceless “head” at the top.”More


The Monster Manual describes unicorns as creatures with “a single spiraling horn of ivory whose magical touch can heal the sick and the injured. Its ears catch the words and whispers of the creatures that share its domain, and it knows the tongues of elves and sylvan folk. Unicorns allow good-hearted creatures to enter their woods to hunt or gather food, but they hold evil ever at bay. Foul-hearted creatures seldom leave a unicorn’s domain alive.”More



Aram is the creator of Godsfall


Dylan is a physicist from Canada

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Lorekeeper Notes

Bonus episodes and behind-the-scenes information about the making of Kill Every Monster

The Tale of Barnaby

A great, toothy grin spread wide across Barnaby’s maw. Today was a special day—and there was still so much to do—but the brass dragon wasn’t worried. “Friends don’t mind if every detail isn’t perfect,” a…

Flumphs and the Future

Dylan doesn’t have any notes for the Flumph encounter (for reasons that will become clear in this bonus episode), so we put together some audio DM’s notes…then go completely off-topic.

Incubui and Immorality

Before we set out to record the Incubus episode, we got together with Mike to make sure we could figure out a way to handle the problematic aspects of the creature. We wanted to retain the danger of an Incubus’ charm without it being harmful to the players at the table and the audience listening.